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by RPM Fest

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Promotorhead Entertainment & PDP Productions present
August 28th, 29th & 30th - Greenfield, MA
Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/1499684443645717/

Scheduled to appear:
The Midnight Ghost Train - Lich King - Problem With Dragons - Goblet - Vacant Eyes - Krakatoa - Carnivora - Barishi - The Humanoids - Heavy Necker - Gas Attack - INTHESHIT - Writing In The Skies - The Aberration - Disguise the Curse - Dumpster Fire - Cyperna - Thunderforge - My Missing Half - Clover - Western Massacre - ROADHORSE - Epicenter - Begat The Nephilim - Slumberjack - Replacire - Creature Machine - Warm - Hessian and more TBA

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released May 22, 2015



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RPM Fest Greenfield, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Carnivora - Pessimist's Tongue
I will teach you the language of the negative
Convert you from your hollow faith
Feel the lash of the pessimist’s tongue
A life consumed in silent sorrow

I am the one that rips down your high hopes, leaving them in the dust
I am the one that sewed the mouth of your idol shut
Mental pain departs as I pull this blade across my flesh
This is how I live with myself, every day until my death

Heartbeats of all you love soon cease

I will teach you the language of the negative
Convert you from your hollow faith
Feel the lash of the pessimist’s tongue
A life consumed in silent sorrow

Negative perceptions spawned from lack of trust
Words elude, reason subdued, I lose myself in hopeless lust
My sight blurs as I press this gun against my head
My body goes numb, forgetting all the words she said

Heartbeats of all you love soon cease
From my hand, the destroyer of peace
They have become one with the fallen
They are mine from this day forth

I will teach you the language of the negative
Convert you from your hollow faith
Feel the lash of the pessimist’s tongue
A life consumed in silent sorrow

Solo: Meehan | Solo: Michaud

Feel the lash of the pessimist’s tongue
Bow before me, the saints will be hung
Feel the lash of the pessimist’s tongue
Look inside me, the darkness has won
Track Name: Lich King - Predator
US Special Forces
Head into the jungle
Hostages trapped
Rescue the friendlies, eliminate hostiles

Watcher above
Cloaked and unseen
Infra-red vision
Stalking the hunted and poised to attack

Skinned and hanging all the soldiers are dead
Dog tags are steeping in blood
Guerrilla post is found and the battle is led
Bullets rain down in a flood

Something is seen in the midst of the trees
Anna runs, Hawkins gives chase
The jungle comes alive and the soldier is seized
Disappears again with no trace


As they search for the body
Jesse Ventura
Struck by a laser
Dead on the ground and the creature approaches

Mac to the rescue
He sees the monster
Mind starts to break
Transparent enemy with luminous eyes

Machine gun fire cuts the foliage up
Minigun is humming at speed
Trap is set and something is cut
Wild boar distraction succeeds

Hunting the thing Mac and Dillon pursue
I'm gonna have me some fun
Mac's head is blasted apart into goo
Apollo Creed's arm's off, he's done

Time to bleed

Billy, Poncho, Anna, Dutch are all that remain
Get to the chopper and try to escape the insane

Billy makes a stand and Dutch takes a dive
Barely escaping, barely staying alive

You can not see me
Earth is my armor
You hear me, war cry
Calling you out
You will not find me
Easy to deal with
You will not find me
Easy to kill
Track Name: Krakatoa - The Breach and the Void
Gasp for air
before the breach
Stare wide-eyed
Into the void of space
Oh, what have you done?
Floating far above the earth.
Your lack of caution
Has led to this and now
You have all been compromised
Sharp debris has pierced the hull
Heat and air are sucked away
Panic takes hold, oh what have you done?
As the air's ripped from your lungs
Know you won't decay
If the abyss before you
Should become your grave.
As your blood begin to boil
Desperate repairs made
Continuing through the nothing
For now you are safe.
Track Name: My Missing Half - Let Me Forget
What have I done?

12 martyrs
Dried, skinned, and propped up
Each refusing to speak.

Answer me.
Can't you see how grief
has drained the color from my flesh?

I swear i am no longer the heartless traitor
Who had poisoned you all.

My vile acts were necessities to preserve
My offerings.

Why can't I forget
Their screams?

Each victim
Must be kept hidden
From the vermin outside.

I hear them
Gnawing their way in
Craving my rotting friends.

Out of any possible outlet for my rage
Why did i have to kill
The ones who were always standing right by my side
Without condition?

Why can't I forget
their screams?
Forever they ring.

Lethal habits
Destroying me

For the diety

These thoughts out of me

This ritual is the
Only way i can be saved

From the entrapment entrapment
between neurosis and disgrace.

I've murdered without any cause
And i know that it's all my fault
I'm not asking to be forgiven.
Just let me forget.

Instructions from scripture nearly complete.
Death, give me your hand.
The planets have aligned
Now I become your 13th sacrifice.
Track Name: Roadhorse - Who Cares
Give me a reason, give me a stake
Give me a chance that I can take
You’re on the ticket, we’re in the game
Another case of make or break
This turned out pretty much like I said it would
Once you start your drinkin’ it comes to no good
Who cares that I know
Who cares I told you so
Every time I ask myself why we do this dance
Just before I turn around give you one more chance

You know that it’s true

You’re such a beauty, it’s such a shame
You’re left out standing in the rain
I’ve got your number, got you on the line
I always give you one more time
I’ll remember all the sweet things you said
And forget yesterday you wanted me dead
It makes a man cryin’ sad
I can’t believe it hurts so bad
Once again I ask myself why we play this game
Doesn’t matter how it starts always ends the same
Gonna give a little more, roll the loaded dice
Don’t know why I never learn from my own advice

Who cares that I know
Who cares I told you so
In the end I try to think why I go through this
Just before I turn around walk into a fist
Sometimes being right again never felt so wrong
Always brings me back to start just where I belong

And baby that’s you
Track Name: Disguise the Curse - One with a Loaded Gun
You are the architect of reason.
I am a trigger, I'm your number one.
Transcending every line of reality.
Becoming one with a loaded gun.

Is this just a dream?
Drifting through reflections of a memory.
Will it come to be,
or have we reached the end?

Give me this chance.
I need to show you what I’m made of.
I love you more with every sound of your voice.
Not a thing will get between us.

What’s done is done.
Careening close, the edge of our sanity.
Two souls trapped as one,
within the body of our entropy.

What have we become?

I can’t breathe.
My eyes are filled with a tragedy.
Trapped between,
this place inside my head.

It has begun.
It’s far too late now.
I am the wicked
waiting to explode
So show me!
Just show me…

Are you lost inside?
I will not go without you.
What have we become?
Can we ever be found?

Crawl outside.
I need a sign.
What have we done?

What have I become?
Am I the only one?
Forever drowning in a sea of night.
The burning judgment of a thousand eyes.
I am the fire of our vengeance.
I am the bullet searing through the gun.
...and will you whisper through my fading soul
as I stare, into the sun?
Track Name: Dumpster Fire - Drivel Driver
Tell us all once again how hard you've worked for all you have.

We love to hear it.
We hang on every word.

As the sun sets on us we look to you for wisdom and guidance.

I won't forsake you again.
Put me under your wing.
Show me your ways.
I know I've been such a fool.
I've left it all up to chance.
With you by my side I can not fail.

Lie to me.

We're hanging on by a thread.
A web.
Preaching your nonsense.


We love to hear it.
Love to hear it.

We hang on every word.
Every word.
We're hanging on by a thread.
Track Name: Clover - Glory Days
these are your glory days. enjoy it while they last. everything you've done has been pure shit. you will amount to nothing. everyone will forget you. I hope this memory lasts your life. when you look back, I hope you think of me. these are your glory days. enjoy them while they last. you make me sick. I don't buy your bullshit. choke.