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The Damaged are an unyielding, yet sincere, working class hardcore punk band hailing from Western Massachusetts. Formed in the fall of 1999, The Damaged arose from the ashes of their previous band, The Detriments. The Detriments were a profane and sexually explicit ska-punk band that enjoyed a 3-year reign of terror over Berkshire County. A few weeks after the last Dets show, The Damaged took refuge in the former Dets practice space and began writing their first ten songs. Seven of these songs were recorded and released as the “Small Town Hell” EP before The Damaged even played a show.

The first shows were played out of state before unveiling it for the hometown crowd. After the first show it was apparent that this was a totally different band from The Detriments. No more horn section, Kevin switching to guitar, Al switching to bass, and Mark continuing to provide the beat gave The Damaged an increased intensity and urgency to their music. Lyrically the tone had changed as well. Gone were the songs of inflated teenage ego and sexual frustration. Instead, the lyrics dealt with the impending grown-up world, the claustrophobia of ones surroundings and the introduction into the work force. As well as a good splash of self-doubt and daily substance abuse.

As time went on, and punk shows were few, The Damaged found themselves playing a lot of metal and hardcore shows just to have a chance to play. Being the only punk band on the bill most nights, they stuck out like a sore thumb. Watching the shadows of kids off in the darkness, barely bobbing their heads, made The Damaged play louder and harder in order to get the message across that punk rock is just as intense.

After several hardcore matinee bloodbaths in 2001, armed with a new batch of songs, The Damaged headed to The Outpost in Stoughton, MA to record “Victim of Circumstance”. The 6-song EP had a fuller and harder sound thanks to Jim and his amazing studio and the brawl with a house full of frat boys the night before recording. This EP opened more doors for The Damaged on the punk circuit and they found themselves gigging quite regularly with many of their favorite bands up and down the east coast. Radio play and numerous US and European compilations soon followed.

It seemed as things got better for The Damaged musically, they seemed to get worse personally. It wasn’t that the members didn’t get along. It just seemed as though life was taking them in different directions, temporarily. Jobs, tragedy, alcohol, drugs, and life in general took their toll. The focus just wasn’t the same. And after a July 2006 show at Saints Hall in Adams, a two and a half year hiatus followed.

During this time off Al moved to Florida with his other band, Sly Poonce, and gigged successfully. Kevin got married, Mark got married, and Colin got engaged and started to jam with what is now Dead Radio Rebels.

On Halloween 2008, The Damaged re-united to play the First Annual Small Town Helloween. It was the first Damaged show in almost 3 years and they hit the stage like they never left. Word spread and more local bookings followed. On St Patty’s Day 2009, The Damaged recorded their show opening up for Murphy’s Law at The Trash Bar in Brooklyn. It was released a month later as “Alone In NYC”.

In 2011 The Damaged released their first full-length CD, "Cracks In The Sidewalk", and first studio release in nearly a decade. Thirteen tracks produced and recorded by TJ Welch (Welch Boys/Bluebloods).

The Damaged have picked up where they left off and continue to play regularly with new and old friends around the Northeast. A new chapter has begun for them and hopefully more recording is in the future. Until then, check them out live and let the music hit you in the face!


from RPM Fest 2016 Compilation, released May 21, 2016
Colin Moran - Vocals
Kevin Moran - Guitar
Mark Jagiello - Drums
Jay Williams - Bass



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