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Composing the Apocalypse is a metal band comprised of members hailing from "all over the place", CT, but proudly calls Windsor home. Originally the brainchild of Jesse James and Matt Shanahan, the band started in 2011 as a project and creative outlet. After some time, the band acquired drummer Colin Mahoney and bassist Brian Noble and decided to push the project further as a full-fledged band. Having influences and inspirations from bands and musicians all over the world, it's hard to really typecast their sound. With various elements of metal, the songs are crafted to appease their own appetites, but have found a home in the hearts of music lovers of many different genres. The elements of thrash, doom, death and black metal along with the occasional clean vocals offer something to almost everyone who is a true fan of music. With the first three songs completed (What Lies Beneath, Topsy Kretts, and Divine Myth), the band set out to play their first gig.

In April of 2013, the band took on Tanner Johnson as their second guitarist. With the lineup complete, CTA continued to write and play shows throughout 2013. The band wrote three new songs (Crack Open A Cold One, Punch You In The Face, and Letting Go)

Upon the coming of 2014, Colin and Brian left the band for reasons unknown. After a brief meeting between Jesse, Matt, and Tanner, Composing The Apocalypse decided to press on while looking for a new drummer and bassist, writing new material, and continuing to support the Connecticut music scene. CTA found said drummer and bassist in Mike Motta and Stephen Kriksciun, respectively. With the lineup complete once again, Composing The Apocalypse set out to play shows as a newly formed and rejuvenated band.

At the turn of 2015, the band decided to take some time off from playing shows to get their six songs recorded.

From this point on, the bio will be taken over from the band's point of view. Big news! Matt & soon to be Alicia Shanahan are having a baby! That's right friends, "Shirtless Shanahan" is going to be a dad! This is some scary shit. Matt has been an instrumental songwriter with this band, but after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro this pussy has decided to step aside. For real, we are all excited that Matt has found the love of his life and is going to be a dad. This doesn't mean you've seen the last of him, or other past CTA members. Matt, your style is unique and Composing is not going to be the same without your writing input, but we look forward to playing with you live sometime in the future and possibly recording the old shit with you as it is your music, and always will be yours.

With that being said, we also are sad to announce the departure of Mike "The Maniac" Motta. Friend, you brought a fresh, rejuvenated, and much-needed energy to this band. Unfortunately, due to our diverse locations as a band, you were unable to continue with us. We are happy to tell you that Mike has agreed to continue to jam with Tanner, Steve, and Jesse in their other band James & Johnson (

Now for some even bigger news: we have brought on two of our close friends to revive and evolve Composing The Apocalypse. Brad Shanler (Bradberg Shanlerstein), formerly of A Dark Tomorrow and Kill Your Demons, has stepped up to fill Matt's shoes on the guitar, and Melvin Rivera of The Right Hook, Professor Chaos, and We Are Nothing will be filling Mike's shoes on the drums. We are really excited about this venture as Brad and Melvin assume their positions in CTA.


from RPM Fest 2016 Compilation, released May 21, 2016
Jesse James - Vocals/Lyrics
Tanner Johnson - Lead Guitar
Steve Kriksciun - Bass
Brad Shanler - Guitar
Melvin Rivera - Drums



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